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Watch Smoke Season’s video ?Loose”

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The video stars Emmy nominee,?Lexi Ainsworth?(General Hospital, Gilmore Girls)?America?s Next Top Model?Winner,?Nicole Fox?(ANTM,?The?Bold and The Beautiful) and?Julian De La Calle?(Ugly Betty, How To Get Away With Murder, Heroes, The Fosters).

“Loose” off Smoke Season’s upcoming EP “Ouroboros” out in 2016
Part 1 of the Ouroboros Video Series Directed by Scott Fleishman
For more about the Ouroboros film, go to http://ouroborosfilm.com

Smoke Season was formed in early 2013 by Gabrielle Wortman and Jason Rosen. Combining their musical backgrounds, the duo created their own unique take on Americana, infusing folk with electronic undertones and rich vocal harmonies that has been steadily capturing the attention of fans and press since. “Their atmospheric, love-worn electronic-pop” is most hailed among critics for defying “any sort of simple categorization.” (Vanyaland, 2014)

Smoke Season catapulted into must-know status in 2014 after an impressive residency at acclaimed LA venue, the Echoplex. Their performances were hailed in the press by LA Weekly (“Music Pick of the week”), Buzzfeed, Los Angeles Magazine, Buzzbands LA, Radio Free Silver Lake, Free Bike Valet, Grimy Goods & more. Since then, their sophomore release, Hot Coals For Cold Souls, has been featured on 2 Spotify playlists, capturing almost half a million listens in one month and vastly expanding their fan base around the world.

Hot Coals Cold Souls, released July 29, 2014, has gained impressive traction in the press for its powerful mash-up of styles and refinement of their already unique sonic imprint. Described as “pop, rock, electronic, Americana, and folk elements collide in an inspired way” (The Daily Album), the EP “pulls mood-building tricks from country, R&B, dancy indie, chillwave and more” (Independent Clauses).

Smoke Season paired up with VMA-nominated production team, APLUSFILMZ, for two music videos off the EP – Badlands and Opaque. The most recent of the two, Opaque, premiered on the front-page of LA Weekly and exploded with positive reviews in the press, solidifying Smoke Season as a pioneer in their cinematic artistic vision.

Smoke Season began in 2013 with a self-produced their debut EP, Signals, and self-directed music video for their first single, Soleil. After being released in March 2013, the Signals EP went on to independently sell thousands of copies and garner critical acclaim. Since then, Smoke Season has been steadily touring, showcasing their music around the country and most notably at 2014 Sundance Film Festival, on AXS TV, Bite Size TV, Balcony TV and more.

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