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We Are Shining Unveils ‘Hot Love?’ Video



Watch the video for ‘Hot Love’ now:

?Hot Love? released 8th?September [Marathon Artists]


?Afrobeats tug at an ostinato bass line and Ms Doolittle’s bright vocals bounce along syncopated rhythms, boldly reminding you why they can’t be ignored” ??THE LINE OF BEST FIT

?If you can watch this video without looking away, flinching, or gasping you’re made of tougher stuff than us” ??NOISEY

Directed by up and coming French director,?Simon Cahn, the video?features the stunning,?Adwoa Aboah, on the streets of East London. Fast paced,?jaunty and dark,?the video brings We Are Shining’s new single to life breathing an air of psychedelia and confusion to the already erratic track.?Speaking about working with Aboah, Cahn explains “”I wanted her to be almost like Juliette Binoche in?Lovers on the Bridge, which isn?t an easy thing to pull off.”

September 8thsees the release of??HOT LOVE?, the new single from the London production duo,?WE ARE SHINING. ??HOT LOVE??is an impeccably produced track, rooted in an ether of blues and hip hop, it is a concoction of psychedelic guitar riffs and haunting siren sounds, laced with powerful gospel-choir vocals and a woozy bass line uplifted by top-line blues-scale organ and piano riffs.

Adhering to no single style or genre,??We Are Shining??stand out for their unique and distinctly modern approach.??Hot Love??once again showcases the duo exhibiting their outright lack of restraint with their instinctive outbursts of beats, raw grooves and psychedelic noise – what holds their music together is what should tear it apart.

“Hot Love” is available on iTunes now