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Scissor Sisters ? Any Which Way

The incredible Scissor Sisters are here with their latest masterpiece of gay pop insanity, and I love it!

By the time you finish watching this video you will be ?dancing on the speakers and peaking with the tweakers, with all the bigger tanner breeders on the scene? To quote some of the lyrics. ?Any which way? is the second single extracted from the album ?Night Work’, I strongly recommend you to buy it. The entire production of 12 tracks is brilliant and completely queer!

It is a great video, full of symbolic images, cool visual effects, sexy dancers, ludicrous scenarios, some partial nudity and the best entertainment factor offered by hunky mister Jake Shears! He gets sexier and sexier with time. I have this kinky fantasy where he does me on the stage in front of all the audience while singing ?filthy/gorgeous?. I know he?s probably a bottom, and he?s in a long term commitment relationship just like me, but it?s good to fantasize. ? I hope my fianc? don?t read this part.

In case Jake is definitely not your type, don?t worry because you will be happy to know that baby daddy, Del Marquis, Randy Real and Ana Matronic are also showing a lot of sex appeal. This band exhibits a wide range of eye candy options for everyone in the GLBT communality.

The artwork in this video is unquestionable; the use of vibrant colors creates a radiant, vivid and amusing atmosphere, the slow motion sequences brings some balance and character to the wicked outlook. Without a doubt the luminous cinematography and the refined direction are super, outstanding and right on the mark.

I?m sure you will enjoy this one, because it?s seriously magnificent!