This video is awesome! Daring! Impressive! Pink rocks with her usual ?I don?t give a damn? attitude, and because of that I worship her, besides she makes all my lezbo friends go wet just by looking at her in tight shorts and biker jackets. You probably haven?t notice it yet, but she?s a huge lezbo icon. Yes, she is! Ask any of your lesbian friends at the dykes on bikes reunions. Have you been in one of her concerts? Our fellow gay girls are always flashing their boobies, throwing panties at her and screaming muffin related improper expressions that I don?t dare to repeat here. In the lesbian world pink is a huge star.

The very talented Pink is not gay, but she has been a big supporter of the GLBT community since the beginning of her career. She has advocated for gay rights; she has used her fame to deliver positive message for gays, so it doesn?t come as a surprise that in this video she is featured singing in a gay wedding reception where you can see those two hot lovely homos sharing a tender kiss, so romantic! You should love her for that. On behalf of the all the queers out there I want to thank Pink for showing that homo smooch in her video!

?Raise you glass? is Pink?s new video; every underdog dirty little freak can relate to the lyrics, I already included this tune in my IPod favourite list. The video shows great quality, very energetic scenes, ironic and humorous scenarios with a powerful message that makes you think about very sensitive subjects for society such as; religion, youth?s self esteem, ethical treatment of animals and homosexuality.

Dear Pink I raise my glass of Perrier for you, you are my ultimate rocker chick!