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Patricia Field Art/Fashion Muse Mx Qwerrrk goes 3D ?QWOJI? Emoji


Check out Mx Qwerrrk?s debut video QWOJI?and Meet & Greet her at RuPaul?s DragCon April 29 & 30.

WOWlebrity and muse for Sex and the City/Younger stylist Patricia Field’s ArtFashion? collection Mx Qwerrrk has just released her first video project QWOJI, in collaboration with Bj?rk photographer/videographer Santiago Felipe and Trax Records producer Tyler Stone

Mx Qwerrrk is the face of World of Wonder?s hit Instagram page QwerrrkOut. She first made a splash onto the fashion and nightlife scenes when she left her native sty in Europe and turned up and out at the Marc Jacobs party in NYC last summer. Recently, she was asked to be the spokespig/cover gurrrl for Patricia Field?s Art/Fashion Exhibition. Since then, the gender non-conformist creature has been seen in The New York Timesi-D magazinePaper MagazineOut MagazineW MagazineEssenceFashion Week DailyThe Village Voice, and spotted at all the most glam spots (and some dirty ones) and events, twirling on the dance floor, and mugging for the cameras.

QWOJI is Mx Qwerrrk’s first live-movement visual, shot by Bj?rk’s personal photographer Santiago Felipe, and edited/imagined by artist Bob Bottle. Using over-saturated imagery, Bottle creates animations that simultaneously engage 2D and 3D space in constructed collage environments in which the figure exists…ultimately creating a cyber experience that leaves the viewer unsure of where fantasy ends and reality begins.

Bottle’s concept is a perfect fit for MX Q’s vision and commentary on the current obsession with emoji’s, and the idea of living in a world of ‘no language, just looks’…which she co-opted from Joy Division’s lyrics ‘no language, just sound’ on 90s track Transmission. “We are at the genesis of a new world where access is everywhere and authentic, organic connection is close to extinction”, says Mx Q. “Words are increasingly less important as a means to communicate globally. Imagery, emoticons and symbols are allowing messages to be sent where the receiver extrapolates what they need from the sender. Sometimes the message can be misinterpreted. Sometimes the meaning can allow for a new narrative that is more substantive for receiver.”

Bob Bottle (Art Director):

 ?Qwoji is a visual response to the chaos brought about by the information age. Mx Qwerrrk dances amidst this chaos in a virtual space where visual information swirls around her in repetitious and frenetic motion. We live in a time where people are in constant communication with each other via digital media, yet are becoming increasingly isolated through their efforts to manufacture virtual personas. The oversaturated color and glitch textures inform the video?s aesthetic and become one with the vibrant Mx Qwerrrk, creating a Crayola colored evolving digital surface that reactively vibrates to the beat.? 

Tyler Stone (Producer):

?QWOJI sounds like a group of hot Harajuku girls took a fistful of mushrooms and got lost somewhere in Super Mario World. I went with a fun drum & bass beat because it’s known for separating and mixing the hell out of synths and percussion, leaving room for the little sharp beeps and blips that add to the video’s fun and psychotropic nature.

I sampled the hilariously infamous Deven Green, as she made one of the most LEGENDARY viral videos, Welcome to My Home, when the age of the ‘internet star’ was just coming about. She took a swing at the oh so gaudy videos in the 80s where celebrities would take cameras on a vanity tour of their homes and daily lives. The fact that most of the younger generation have gained way more access to technology (namely cameras and photo editing apps), a large majority of their time is spent standing and posing in front of a selfie cam. I mean…we’re practically all guilty of it. That being said, follow me on Instagram!!!?

About QwerrrkOut:

QwerrrkOut is where LGBTQQIA kiddies and their friends can have photos of themselves featured on the QwerrkOut page on IG, by tagging or taking a photo of QwerrrkOut on their pages. The pics should capture them queering out and being their authentic selves on the street, in the club, in the boudoir; wherever and however they feel cutest! QwerrrkOut offers gays, lesbians and other queer identified individuals a unique platform to make the world GASP by boldly displaying Gay Anarchy and Sex Positivity.

?Somewhere, during the trajectory of the gay rights movement, queers learned how to hide in public,? proclaims Mx Qwerrrk. ?We learned how to pass. Appearing gay became a negative. The whole ?No fems, masc only, no Blacks, no Asians? ideology fueled our internalized homophobia. It?s time we queens got back to celebrating our individual fabulousness. There?s too much beige Hollister and Abercrombie bullshit going ?round! It?s about showing our strength in numbers on a platform where individuality is celebrated,?. Mx Qwerrrk drew inspiration for QwerrrkOut from the politics and anarchy of the 80s gay advocacy group ACT UP. ?To make real change, we have to start with ourselves,? continues Mx. ?We need to take a deep, long look at who we are, smile, take pride, and then QwerrrkOut!?

Clothing: Jeremy ScottScooter LaForgeTrixie MattelPatricia Field’s ArtFashion?V.O.N. by Tobell Von CartierSTUDmuffin NYC

Necklace: 1919 Jewelry For Happy People

Director: Santiago Felipe

Music: Tyler Stone

Creative Director: Bob Bottle

Illustrations: Pipette


Stay tuned for more from Mx Qwerrrk, including the launch of her new QWOJI app, coming soon! In the meantime, follow her, and her super cool friends HERE.