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Parker Matthews releases single and music video for “Lost With You”

Singer – Songwriter Parker Matthews has a powerful message and stunning new video. Check out “Lost With You” bellow.

“Lost With You,” recalls the fun and careless feeling that’s infused with summer love, while simultaneously touching on what it means to be vulnerable in a relationship.

Inspired by Whitney Houston’s 1994 performance at the Grammy Awards, Matthews found his path and invested his time, energy, mind and spirit into becoming an artist that inspired people of every background and creed to stay true to themselves and persevere even when you’re at your wits end, as things can get better:

“There was a point in my life, when I was younger, that I wanted to end my life because I was so unhappy and had everything taken from me; between my father, school peers, and their hateful words, and being raped when I was 14, rock bottom became my crippling reality–all of those terrible things have made me an incredibly strong person, and shaped me into who I am today. With all that being said, I want to really help people to realize that it does get better. You as a person have the power to change your life, to choose to be happy, and to make the right choice on what path to lead.”

He now emerges as an advocate for suicide prevention and anti-bullying by supporting organizations such as The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and LGBTQ+ and spreading positivity and fortitude through his music and lyrics.

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