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Miss Fame Unveils ?InstaFame? Music Video?


The second single from her hit album, Beauty Marked

Everyone wants a piece of Miss Fame, and with magazine photo spreads, live stage shows and now music, they?re getting it. ?Miss Fame?s new single, ?InstaFame? – an anthem about the phenomenon of sudden stardom from Internet platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr and YouTube ? releases today. ? It is the second single from Beauty Marked, her full-length album that debuted on the iTunes Dance chart earlier this month at #3.

‘Beauty Marked’ the Album is available:

?The Internet gave me my first stage to share my passion with the world,? she explains. ?When I posted my first Instagram on Halloween of 2013, I didn?t understand how social networking worked. ?Almost immediately, thousands were responding to my face in makeup! I then posted a video of my transformation on YouTube and within weeks, I had over a million views. The support and appreciation I received from people from all over the globe made me realize I had something special and it fueled my desire to compete on RuPaul?s Drag Race.? Miss Fame?s ?InstaFame?, is available on iTunes and on all major online retailers now.

?Anyone can achieve ?InstaFame??, continues Miss Fame, at home in New York. ?We all have some unique quality or ability that has the potential to become a viral phenomenon. There are even videos explaining how to make a video go viral, so really, there is no excuse for anyone to not to have their big moment on the Internet.?

?The one thing I have learned is that ?InstaFame? is fleeting. ?It can?t be sustained with one stunt. ?What I believe creates longevity is persistence and consistent quality. I listen to my audience and I give them what they ask for. It?s an exchange of admiration.?

Miss Fame?s path to fame began as a boy growing up on a farm in Templeton, California. She would create realist drawings of chickens and horses. Drawings led to portraits, some of which have been exhibited in large galleries. Miss Fame used the money from paid commissions to make the move from California to New York City four years ago.

In the Big Apple, Miss Fame became an established male model while also working as a makeup artist with MAC Cosmetics, freelancing for celebrity clients including talk-show host Wendy Williams and reality-show star Heidi Montag. ??Seeing the positive effects of transforming others, I was inspired to transform myself,? Fame says.

Miss Fame began experimenting with wild new looks. ??I became a work of art, a goddess.? ?Soon, Fame was modeling for world-class fashion photographers, pushing boundaries and proving beauty does not reside within a specific gender but is fluid and impactful to all who appreciate it.

The exposure led to appearances on TV (on the third season of MTV’s Snooki & JWOWW) and in music videos (in Brooke Candy?s ?OPULENCE? and Jennifer Hudson?s ?Go All Night?), as well as in the upcoming film A Change of Heart (produced by Kenny Ortega).

Competing on RuPaul?s Drag Race was Miss Fame?s most challenging gig to date. ?It required a constant internal fire to develop into something bigger and bigger. ?It made me realize how much I truly care about my art.?

That passion and drive carries into Beauty Marked, Miss Fame?s first full-length album. ?Produced by Killingsworth Recording Company, Miss Fame describes the eleven-track ambient pop album as ?an evolution of art creation?. Songs were taken straight from Miss Fame?s own diaries. ??The album is smooth with a mix of up-tempo dance tracks like ?Rubber Doll? (the album?s first single, released last month) and down-tempo songs with a deeply humanizing vibe.?

Songs depict the break out reality star?s metamorphosis from male model to elegant and sophisticated fashion icon. ??I drew up the storyline for the album over a year ago when the persona of Miss Fame was still in development. The songs are true to who I am and how I feel.?

To support the release of the album, Miss Fame has embarked on a worldwide tour with dancers. ?Over thirty dates have been announced.

?Beauty Marked is the next stage in my evolution,? proclaims Miss Fame. ?I?ve come a long way but there?s still a long way to go.

Fame promises, ?There is so much more to come!?

?InstaFame? is available now on iTunes, along with Miss Fame?s entire Beauty Marked album. ?For more information, visit http://missfamenyc.com/.