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Matt Palmer Debuts “Teardrops” Video

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Watch Matt Palmer’s new music video for “Teardrops” from his upcoming Stranger Than Fiction EP! Available April 2014.

The song was produced and co-written by Drew Scotty and mastered by production-duo DFRNS. The video was shot on January 17-18 in downtown Los Angeles, CA. The video was directed by Ryan Bartley and shot by Zach Osterhout.

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Los Angeles transplant by way of New York City, singer/songwriter, Matt Palmer, intends to bring back a needed breath of honesty into the world of R&B. No bravado, no flash? just his own lyrics offered through heartfelt melodies and thoughtful songs. Matt?s music is the unmistakable sound of a songwriter sharing sincere emotion and a piece of himself.

?I’ve been singing since I was very young and songwriting came into the picture later. I love them both so much that I couldn’t ever give one up, fully?.

Originally from Atlanta, GA, Matt grew up listening to ?90s R&B radio, dominated at the time by icons like Babyface, Michael Jackson, and Mariah Carey. Performing in the local Atlanta choir while writing songs as early as age 14, it wasn?t long before his combined talents led him on the road to success. Matt?s efforts gained him admittance to the prestigious Clive Davis Department at NYU, where he further honed his skills as a songwriter and producer. Upon graduation, Matt entered a competition on SongwriterUniverse.com and won with his original piece, ?I Wish.? Judge and seasoned music publisher, Dale Kawashima, was so taken by Matt?s music that he arranged for Matt to sign with HoriPro Entertainment Group in Los Angeles, CA as an official songwriter.

Signing with HoriPro marked the beginning of Matt’s professional career. Since then, he has found a wealth of opportunity in working with top-tier talent. His emotional melodies and versatile writing style led to co-writing songs for major label artists with producers OAK (Chris Brown, Nicki Minaj), Dave Tozer (John Legend, Jay-Z), and Brian West (Nelly Furtado, K?Naan).

Along with a publishing deal came the opportunity to work with MusicTaste, an artist development-minded record label housed within HoriPro. It is there that Matt staked his claim as an artist, releasing the I Wish EP ? his first avenue for showcasing his own material.

Matt Palmer?s debut as an artist/songwriter has been a longtime coming. Now, with the confidence gained from real world experience, Matt’s first album, Let Go, is set to catch the attention of fans and artists alike.

?I could?ve been scared about how I?d be perceived [as an artist] and remained only a songwriter, or I can put myself out there and see what happens.?

With musical roots sprouting from Atlanta’s hotbed of R&B talent, paired with the smarts that come from adapting to the fast life of NYC, Matt Palmer is keeping his feet on the ground and his sights set high. Now a resident of Los Angeles, he is ready to take each new experience the city has to offer and turn it into a song. He may be letting go of the apprehension that comes with being an artist, but he is certainly not letting go of the honesty that drives his knack for writing. At last, Matt Palmer is giving the world the chance to get to know the man behind the music.


Matt Palmer