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Marshall Titus “I Will” Music Video Trailer Directed By John Gress

Bold, courageous, soulful, powerful, and moving video showcasing the human experience and changing how we view life.

Here’s the trailer of Marshall Titus “I Will” music video directed By John Gress.

Renowned photographer John Gress directed this powerful video. He announced the release of the trailer and talk about this project on his website:

Just over a week ago, I started filming a music video for the song ?I Will,? a powerful and moving piece by Marshall Titus. Needless to say, I am very excited about the release of the video, which will debut at a launch party September 15th, and I look forward to the impact the work will have on people. After screening it a few times, I was shocked and proud to see the emotional response the video solicited. I hope that the video touches as many people as possible and helps to change the conversation around HIV.

Watch the trailer

About Marshall Titus

Singer, songwriter, producer, actor, Marshall Titus is a renaissance man whose music, style, and attitude redefines what soul music is and can be.

?My music is a true reflection of who I am, an artist who is not dictated by current tends or bound by tradition. I am guided by the yearning of my soul’s creative desire.” -Marshall Titus

And it all starts with that voice, the deep passion of it, the dark longing and fine gravel of it. Listen as it soars, listen as it travels through triumphs, through loss. Hear how it captures moments like some aural camera snapping elusive photographs. See it, feel it, vintage, carnal, earthy, delicious.

The Launch Party of? this? powerful and moving piece by Marshall Titus will be Thursday, September 15 ? 7:00pm – 10:00pm at Jackhammer, 6406 N. Clark Street, Chicago, IL 60660.