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Indie Artist BRANDON HILTON releases music video for his new hit single ‘FROZEN’?


Dallas, TX, July 6, 2012 – Brandon Hilton’s been hard at work this year, already releasing 4 singles and 3 music videos, all while promoting his new movie. Despite his busy schedule he has continued to burn up the charts and dancefloor with his electronic-pop anthems. His new single ‘FROZEN’ being no exception (produced by Noah Diamond (Calvin Harris) and Michael Van Olden) has Summer Jam written all over it.

Watch Brandon Hilton’s new music video ‘FROZEN’

Brandon Hilton is an unsigned Independent artist making a name for himself, despite being self-funded and doing everything on his own. Hilton was verified on Twitter this week (being one of the ONLY unsigned artists to receive Verification by Twitter) and his new movie ‘Midnight Cabaret’ premiered in theaters last month and is featured in film festivals and on IMDb this month!

Things seem to be taking off in the right direction for this talented young artist from Dallas TX, his hard work and dedication to his fans and his art is commendable. we are contacting new and respectable music blogs to feature him and his new music video. The time is now for a talented young Independent artist to receive recognition in a mainstream way, with your help and the help of other forward thinking blogs, Brandon Hilton can finally reach the level of recognition and respect he deserves as an artist. we hope you will join us in supporting an amazingly talented Indie artist, Brandon Hilton has much more to give as an artist and with YOUR help he’ll get to share it with the world!

Hilton is currently booking dates for his debut tour kicking off this summer/fall which includes several pride performances and festivals. dates are posted on his Official Facebook page.

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