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Fierce-Foxy-Fabulous The Juliettes “Hooray You’re Gay”

Hard-rockin?, sexy, all-woman band releases pro-gay anthem.

Net song proceeds will be donated to organizations that support equality and counsel and support gay, lesbian, bi-sexual teen as well as a 24-hour crisis-prevention hotline

The Juliettes, Seattle?s favorite fierce, foxy and fabulous all-woman rock band, has released its first national single on March 14, 2011, The boisterous, unabashedly pro-gay anthem, ?Hooray,You?re Gay”, will be available for download on most major music download portals and at www.hoorayyouregay.com; net proceeds will go to several organizations that support and counsel gay, lesbian, and bisexual teenagers. “I want people to hear it, and then buy it, and then tell ten friends,? said Julie Mains, lead singer of The Juliettes. She co-wrote the song with guitarist/vocalist Liz Aday, and finished the song in the studio with band-mates drummer Eva Dizon and bassist Lissa Ramaglia. ?We want the song to inspire celebration and improve the discourse ? it?s not just okay to be gay. It’s freaking fabulous!”

The net proceeds from ?Hooray, You?re Gay? will benefit community advocacy programs in support of gay, lesbian, and bisexual teens, as well as a 24-hour crisis-intervention hotline. Proceeds will also benefit It Gets Better (www.itgetsbetter.org), a nationwide project launched following the suicide of several gay teens.

Mains penned the song after responding to the media?s coverage of political pundit Stephanie Miller coming out. “In a word, I was pissed,? Mains said. ?I was just trying to tune into the Stephanie Miller Show to hear my friend John [comedian/actor John Fugelsang], and the news links were only about her coming out. It?s no wonder that our youth feel so stigmatized and isolated the way media treats the LGBT community. We want to be part of changing that.?

The Juliettes recorded the song with Seattle-area music impresario, Bubba Jones. Jones has worked with such notables as The Digable Planets, The Turn-Ons, Furniture Girls, Darrius Willrich, and The Brand New Heavies. Don Gunn is responsible for the song mixing. Gunn?s work is highly sought after and his resume includes Peter Frampton, Death Cab for Cutie, and BRAD.

Their plan is a simple one, to use social marketing as a tool to drive home the message – “1, 2, 3, GO!” ? 1 Download, 2 Status Updates, 3 Tweets. ?After the song makes you jump up and down, makes you laugh, go sing it to everyone you know,? says Mains. ?SO, 1, 2, 3, GO!?

The Juliettes Talks about “Hooray You’re Gay”:

This song is a gift. To the LGBT community and to all people who value compassion and equality. Who don’t see “Gay Marriage” but only understand “MARRIAGE”. Who don’t see “Gay Rights” but only see “RIGHTS”. Who think “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” should be and should have always been, “Why Ask, Who Cares”. Who understand that there needs to be no defense of marriage, but defense of the disenfranchised.

Love is love. Equality is equality. Truth is truth.

We made this for you. We made this for everybody. We feel it is the obligation of every person – starting with us – to work toward true equality.

The space where art and commerce intersect is sexy and powerful. So even if you got a copy from a friend, buy it – and better yet – conspire with us to spread the message – Tweet it – Tweet the living crap out of it. Let’s raise thousands or millions of dollars. The fine people at It Gets Better and the organizations they support need your moolah.

Liz, Lissa, Eva, Julie
The Juliettes

If you wish to purchase the song, PLEASE Visit www.hoorayyouregay.com; or go to iTunes, Amazon, eMusic.

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