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Derek Bishop premieres “Take Him Away” Music Video

Welcome to the premiere of Derek Bishop?s latest music video “Take Him Away.”

What starts out as a pleasant, 1920s party with friends, quickly devolves into a drug-induced, wine-soaked, mask-wearing, murder of sorts. ?Take Him Away? is a song is about not liking one of your friend’s boyfriends ? wishing he’d no longer be in the picture. But for the video, that idea was boosted on steroids. It was filmed in Derek?s apartment with a $100 budget (which was all spent on the wine for the party guests!) Pulling together some talented friends to star, film, and donate their time to be a part of the madness — without further delay, here’s one wacky vintage soiree…with one really annoying guest.

Take Him Away”… A video the whole family can sink their teeth into!

“Take Him Away” is from Derek’s debut album, RESISTANCE IS BEAUTIFUL available on iTunes, Amazon.com and his own site, derekbishop.net.
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