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Dave Patten Debuts ‘Let Me Introduce My Band’ Video

Watch Dave Patten’s video for his latest single? ‘Let Me Introduce My Band’

Let Me Introduce My Band, Dave?s first single since he signed to rapper Meek Mill?s record label DreamChasers Records, shows the singer-songwriter in a new, more artistic and intense light. Having outsmarted the local authorities, Dave and his band venture on a wild thieving spree across Southern California ? but an uncompromising FBI agent determined to take them down soon brings their adventure to an abrupt end.

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Everything you hear on the singer/songwriter?s self-produced albums ? acoustic and electric guitars, piano, drums, bass, synthesized horns and string parts ? is Dave. Rarely does a musician have the ability and talent to synchronize each aspect of his tracks to the exact specifications of his creative vision. Yet Dave?s vocals alone make him a standout. His rock-style voice fused with his incredible songwriting sets him apart from the multitude of like-sounding musicians. Dave?s hit the collective pulse with songs like ?Too Proud? and ?Back? from his album?Boomerang, ?How Good? ft. Meek Mill and ?Echo? from his album?Exposure, and ?LA?, ?Heartbreak Song? & ?The One? from his most recent albumGone. Reflective, soulful, and powerful, they embody just one side of his artistic expression. Dave?s music has a wide Internet presence. His YouTube videos garner over?40 MILLION?page views.

Dave?s network of fans across facebook and twitter continue to grow well into the thousands. His track record of 5/5 music videos submitted and accepted to MTV Networks has landed him not only exposure on MTV but also a licensing deal with the network.

Dave hails from the Philadelphia area, where he grew up around music and played drums in local bands. In 2006, Dave took the leap to invest in himself and his career. Now Dave uses his multitude of musical abilities, technical know-how, and boundless drive to create a sound that is different from anything else out there.

Dave is represented by Creative Artists Agency for both music and film, and has recently signed to Warner Bros. artist Meek Mill?s record label DreamChasers Records.

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