Kiss My Lips

Dance musician Cherie Lily returns with another high energy, hard-thumping club track that encourages fans to bite the bullet and grab their heart?s desire this Valentines Day.??Written by Lily?and produced by Sweden?s Lillpop,??Kiss My Lips? tells the tale of?a girl who yearns for that special someone, and when opportunity knocks, she strikes full force.??It contains more narrative than Lily?s previous tracks, and the darker, dirtier, and harder sound matches her story perfectly.???It?s a song about going for it,??says the singer.??The game of love can feel like a hunt.??If you see something you like, you can actively pursue it.??Sometimes when you push past fears?and insecurities, you can make a romance happen!????Kiss My Lips? is available NOW on iTunes and other online music retailers.??The remix package includes additional mixes by Vjuan Allure, Richie Beretta,?MikeQ x Divoli S’vere, B. Ames, and more.

?My mission?is to inspire and encourage people to go after their dreams, to follow what feels good, and to move their bodies along the way,? continues Cherie Lily.??In addition to her pop career, she is a celebrity fitness personality who regularly appears on morning television shows, demonstrating the latest fitness trends.???I liken the message in ?Kiss My Lips? to a tiger going after its prey ? a tiger isn?t shy and doesn?t hesitate.??In love and life, sometimes you?ve got to go 100%, grab the bull by the horns, and take responsibility for making things happen in your life.??If you want someone to be your Valentine, you?ve got to go ask them!?

The song?s mantra purposely takes its roots from the other popular ?Kiss my? command.??It figuratively flips the bird to old stereotypes of girls needing to be submissive and wait for their man to make the first move.???That way of living is tired and doesn?t always work today,? argues Lily.

Lily channeled the attitude of her gay fans while writing ?Kiss My Lips?.???If there?s one thing girls can learn from gay men, it?s confidence.??When many of my gay friends go out, they believe they?re the shit; that they can and will get anyone they want.?And you know what???They?re 100% right because whatever you believe about yourself on the inside is what you will manifest on the outside.?

Of Iranian descent, Cherie Lily was?born and raised outside of Chicago.??She launched her music career at seventeen, playing guitar for different punk and hardcore bands.??At about the same time, she signed up for her first gym membership, sparking what would become a second love for her.???I am obsessed with fitness,? she says.???When I work my body, I feel strong, confident, sexy and alive.??I?m a true fitness enthusiast.?

In 2002, she moved to NYC and put together a punk band called SPANK, playing rhythm guitar and singing lead vocals.??She also wrote all the material for the band.??At the same time, Cherie played guitar in an all girl hard-core group called Skizonation. Hilariously, she was kicked out of the group because she didn?t have tattoos!??Shortly after, she started her own new punk band called FL?RT.

Shortly after that, she met the man that would become her husband, party rocker Andrew W.K.??In 2005, she left her band to join his band as his female vocalist and hype woman.??Meanwhile, she began producing her own dance music as a solo artist using her real first and middle name, Cherie Lily.

?I love nightlife and being a part of it,? says Cherie.???Dance music allowed me to combine both my passions – music and fitness.??On the dance floor and in the gym, I feel alive.??Both music and fitness give you a natural high, stimulating your senses, pushing you beyond limits, and boosting your overall perspective on life.?

She wrote all of the tracks on her new ?The Dripping Wet EP?, and produced many of them too.??She also worked with some of New York and LA?s most notable dance producers, including Richie Beretta, Vjuan Allure, and Mad Decent producer Derek ?DJA? Allen.

?Kiss My Lips? is available now commercially on all digital service providers.? The music video, directed by Bell Soto, is also available.??For more information on Cherie Lily, visit?her official website?www.CherieLily.com.

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