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Cazwell Releases “Hot Homo” lyric video

Cazwell - H2BF by Michael Wakefield [with fitted on]

?Hot Homo?, the latest record from the indie gay hip hopper Cazwell, is a freestyle parody of the summer?s biggest rap jam, Bobby Shmurda?s ?Hot N*gga?.? Like its predecessor, the track has an addictive beat with scandalous lyrics.? Where Shmurda?s track is about killing people and selling drugs, Cazwell?s takes on an equally volatile subject: man-on-man sex. ?It also manages to poke fun at celebrities Chris Brown, James Franco and yes, even Debra Messing.?? ??Hot Homo? is no more overtly sexual than what I hear on any given Hip Hop radio station,? defends Cazwell. ?The point of the song is that gay men should feel as entitled to express themselves sexually as straight guys. That?s been my message since I dropped my ?All Over Your Face? single in 2006?.

?First of all, being gay is the f*ckin? shit,? continues Cazwell from his Manhattan home.? ?I have an amazing life that I wouldn?t have if I was one of my brothers.? I don?t deal with the stress of being married with kids. ? I get to enjoy hot boys and d*ck.?

He believes Shmurda will appreciate his version of the song.? ?I’ve seen him in interviews.? He seems like a pretty cool dude with a sense of humor. If I was him I?d appreciate anyone bringing more attention to my track.”

Cazwell also believes the celebrities mentioned in his track will welcome the acknowledgement. ?Isn?t it every celebrity?s goal to get a shout out in a rap song??

The whole song is meant to be in good fun, even his slam on Chris Brown?s nude pics.

Says Cazwell, ?When they first came out, all the teenage girls on the internet were like ‘Oh my Gawd, it’s the biggest thing I’ve ever seen!’

?I’m a gay man, I watch gay porn?everyday. I see big d*cks all the time, so my point of view was like, ?’Okay honey, its big, but its not THAT big.?

Still, he acknowledges the Chris Brown rhyme is the one stretch of truth in the song.? ?I probably would let Chris spend the night,? he laughs.

A Massachusetts native, Cazwell has been described as what would have happened if?Eminem?had grown up on Madonna’s?front lawn.? He became a Youtube sensation after a million people viewed his ?Ice Cream Truck? music video in a single week.?? He has since earned hipster credibility with a steady flow of danceable hip hop tracks that impressively showcase his hypomanic take on pop culture.

Last month, Cazwell released his first full-length album in four years, “Hard 2 B Fresh? on Brooklyn indie, Peace Bisquit. ?The new batch of Hip Hop comedy gems features seventeen tracks including his latest that is currently tearing up dance floors, ?Dance Like You Got Good Credit,? “Spicy”, “The Biscuit” and “Don’t Get It Twisted.?

In ?Hot Homo?, Cazwell is joined by another gay MC: the large, furry bear rapper known as Big Dipper. ?Dipper is funny as all hell?, says Cazwell.? ?Once I got the idea for the freestyle, I called him up. We have a similar sense of humor.? I knew he?d be down for helping me start a big, gay, ironic riot.?

For more information, visit Cazwell.com?and PeaceBisquit.com.