Aline Queen – SuperFreak (Official music video)

Aline Queen, whose recent hit single ?Princess Boy? lauded her arrival on the world stage because of its celebration of gender identity and LGBT sexual orientation.? Aline is back with her latest single?and video ??SuperFreak?, and this time she speaks for freaks everywhere.

The word ?freak? has a somewhat unique history. Not so long ago, it was used primarily in a defamatory sense, devaluing generations of people whose only crime was living as themselves. Today, the word is mainly used to describe the freedom of sexual expression. It?s been commonly accepted to be a ?Freak in the bedroom,? rather than being normal. In other words, the word is still limiting, because it exists in duality. On one side, it?s still painful to be called a Freak; in the age of social networking, being normal is much more appreciated than being different, and being a Freak is being ?ugly.? On the other side, being a sexual Freak is exciting, a mark of maturity and exploration, and one of the best ways to ?stand out.?

Enter Aline Queen?s ?SuperFreak,? which not only accomplishes to brand a new meaning into the word but manages to do so in a way that encompass everyone. In Aline?s world, expressing yourself in ANY sense, looking or behaving different than the norm, and living in a loving and accepting way, is what it means to be a??SuperFreak.?

?SuperFreak, is about empowerment. It?s about raising your freak flag high and shouting from the rooftop that being different, especially in today?s world, is not only OK, but a reason to be loved just like anyone else. I?m a freak. So What?? – Aline

In her music video for the song, directed by Lynn Verlayne, Aline sought to cast several people to represent the ?freaks? in today?s world: people who?ve been heavily tattooed, people who represents both sides of the weight spectrum, people with skin discoloration or disorders, little people, people living with amputated limbs, drag queens, cross dressers, anything else that visually would set someone apart from the crowd. The thought behind the video is that, even though these people may look different, they are still beautiful and wholly deserving of love.

Terra Jole, one of the little people featured in the video, whom also stars in Lifetime?s ?Little Women of L.A.? reality series, had this to say about the video:

?What I?m hoping to accomplish by being a part of the video, is to share the message that we?re all just like one another. We all come in different shapes and sizes, we all look different, we all have different personalities; yet in the end we?re all the same. We?re here to live life fully and happily.? – Terra Jole

For her other cast members, Aline turned to people who are well known in their communities: Johnny and Brix Nobody, well know tattoo artists based out of NYC, Mem Nahadr, a beloved musician and performer whom was featured by BBC music, Lady Honey Clover, a popular drag performer in NYC, and Janie Martinez, who?s been featured in several videos, magazines, and is internationally recognized as a plus sized model.

?It would do people a lot of good to drop their prejudices, and see everyone as unique and special. I understand what it means to be a SuperFreak, to appreciate yourself because you ARE different. I dig it.? – Mem Nahadr

SuperFreak demands that you live out loud, because no one deserves to hide from who they are. Embrace your identity, live like a SuperFreak. You?re gonna love it!

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