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Aiden James Debuts “Hurry Hurry” Video

Philly singer-songwriter Aiden James has debuted the video for his latest single “Hurry Hurry” directed by Marquise Lee. The track appears on his new album, ?Trouble With This,? which debuted last year at No. 28 on iTunes Top 100 Singer-Songwriter chart.

Download “Hurry Hurry”:?http://tiny.cc/troublewiththis

Aiden James is an international singer-songwriter touring behind his new album, the 100% fan-funded “Trouble With This.” The 29-year-old Philadelphia native completely engineered, mixed and produced the album, which climbed to number 28 on iTunes Top 100 Charts. Aiden’s ability to deliver a powerful live show, paired with his songwriting, arranging, composing and technical skills with work in Logic Pro surely makes him the “new” breed of Songster. This inspired him to start his own record label, “Songster Sounds.”

Without the assistance of a publicist, fancy agent or record label, Aiden has harnessed the power of social media, engaging fans and the industry to help bring his music and message into the spotlight.

“Being open about who I am as a gay man was never something I had to think twice about. It’s important to be open and honest about who I am and to show people that there are universal themes of love, like in my music. Yes there are people who will flat-out hate me for being gay, so my music reaching far and wide and my album being successful not only is a victory for me, but it gives hate a big slap in the face, and we can all feel victorious.”

Aiden’s first music video for “On the Run” in 2010 made its television broadcast debut on MTV, LOGO, and VH1, quickly followed by a cluster of blogs and print media. Aiden has also been featured on SiriusXM Radio with selections from previous works and his most recent release, “Trouble With This.” A live performance of “Best Shot” from the SiriusXM Headquarters in Rockefeller Plaza can be seen on Aiden’s YouTube Page.?Following the momentum of his iTunes success, Aiden caught the attention of The Advocate Magazine via Twitter and sat down for a first featured interview with the publication. Big corporations are grabbing onto Aiden as well, like Virgin American Airline. You can hear his music at 30,000ft on board all flights across the globe.

Aiden continues to tour, interview and engage with his fan at live shows in support of his new album.

?Here is a video of Aiden James? singing “Best Shot” as performed LIVE on SiriusXM:http://www.youtube.com/aidenjamestour

Aiden’s new Album ?Trouble With This? is now available on iTunes & Amazon World Wide.