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Support For Gay Marriage Continues To Rise

Charles Franklin from The Huffington Post reports:

Support for gay marriage continues to rise in a new Pew Center for the People and the Press poll, completed 2/22-3/1/2011. The latest poll shows support at 45% and opposition at 46%, the narrowest margin in the history of Pew polling on the issue. Some polls by other pollsters have found support exceeding opposition but as the chart above shows, the trend estimates have converged by not quite reached equal levels of support and opposition. The consistency of the trends since 2005, however, all but guarantee support will exceed opposition within the year.

The chart also highlights the Pew polls, which have tended to measure slightly lower levels of support than the overall trendline based on all polls. Opposition in the Pew polls has been more nearly centered on the overall trend. This suggests that pollsters other than Pew are likely to find more support than opposition in upcoming polls.

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