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Scottish Government Begins Gay Marriage Consultation

The Scottish Government has launched a consultation on the issue of gay marriages and religious ceremonies for civil partnerships.

The UK Press Association reports:

The Scottish Government has begun gathering views on whether same-sex marriage should be made legal.

A 14-week consultation asks if marriage in Scotland should be allowed for gay people through a civil or religious ceremony.

Currently same-sex couples can enter a civil partnership which carries full legal rights but the ceremony cannot be conducted in a church or other religious premises. Ministers and officials say they intend to meet key groups to discuss the proposals, which would ensure religious organisations do not have to register same-sex marriages against their will.

A recent Scottish Social Attitudes survey found that more than 60% of people believe same-sex couples should have the right to marry, compared with 19% who disagree.

The issue caused controversy among politicians earlier this month when SNP MSP John Mason, who was criticised by some party colleagues, claimed in a parliamentary motion that no one should be “forced” to approve of same-sex marriage.

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