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Ronald Reagan’s Daughter Says He’d Have Backed Same-Sex Marriage

Ronald Reagan’s daughter Patti Davis says the former president would back gay marriage if he were alive today.

The NY TIMES has the exclusive:

Patti Davis, a Los Angeles writer and the onetime rebellious daughter of Reagan and his second wife, Nancy, said in a telephone interview that she never discussed same-sex marriage with the former president, who died in 2004 just as it was emerging as a political issue.

But Ms. Davis, now 60, offered several reasons her father, who would have been 102 this year, would have bucked his party on the issue: his distaste for government intrusion into private lives, his Hollywood acting career and close friendship with a lesbian couple who once cared for Ms. Davis and her younger brother Ron while their parents were on a Hawaiian vacation ? and slept in the Reagans? king-size bed.

?I grew up in this era where your parents? friends were all called aunt and uncle,? Ms. Davis said. ?And then I had an aunt and an aunt. We saw them on holidays and other times.? She added, ?We never talked about it, but I just understood that they were a couple.?

Once when she and her father were watching a Rock Hudson movie, Ms. Davis said, she remarked that the actor ?looked weird? kissing his female co-star. She said her father explained that Mr. Hudson ?would rather be kissing a man,? and conveyed, without using the words homosexual or gay, the idea that ?some men are born wanting to love another man.? Years later, in 1985, Mr. Hudson died of AIDS.

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On this week’s episode of “Gwissues,” Howard Bragman spends time with former President Ronald Reagan’s daughter Patti Davis. In the interview, Patti discusses her new work of fiction entitled Till Human Voices Wake Us; a lesbian novel that may be found on the Kindle bookstore.

Patti also opens up about growing up in a republican household, and proclaims whether or not her father would have opposed gay marriage during his presidency.