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Pamela Karlan: The Path To Marriage Equality?

this article has been written by Daniel E. Pritchard from Boston Review.

In the May/June issue of Boston Review, we have another analysis of the battle for marriage rights. Constitutional expert Pamela Karlan looks at Supreme Court decisions as the reflection ? not the cause ? of progressive social change in America, from school desegregation to interracial marriage, and asks: “How does this history?this interplay between courts and democratic politics?bear on the question of marriage equality?”

To begin, I cannot think of a contentious social issue on which public opinion has shifted more rapidly. We have moved in roughly a generation from a nation in which no state provided legal recognition to same-sex couples to one in which two in five Americans live in states that do: eight states and the District of Columbia now either issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples or recognize same-sex marriages performed elsewhere. Without that change, the Supreme Court would not even consider legal protections for same-sex couples.

Yet, in contrast to Loving, on the same-sex marriage issue the Court may have to make a decision before a national consensus emerges. In recent years, 26 states have adopted constitutional amendments to prohibit same-sex marriage, making it unlikely that the political process will produce national uniformity any time soon. If the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals affirms a federal trial court?s decision that California?s marriage restrictions violate the equal protection and due process clauses, this will create a conflict among lower courts on a question of constitutional law. That is one circumstance identified in the Supreme Court?s rules as a reason to hear a case. Even if the California marriage case fizzles out?a real possibility, given state officials? refusal to appeal?other cases will almost certainly bubble up.

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