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New York City: The New Gay Wedding Destination

Just a few days after the New York Senate approved a bill to legalize gay marriage the wedding boom has started. Gay couples will be able to tie the knot legally in New York in just a few weeks. The wedding planning Business and even the mayor are getting ready to make New York City “A wedding Destination”

The Associated Press reports:

A city away, in Boston, Bernadette Smith decided to immediately relocate her business planning gay weddings to New York City.

In Brooklyn, pastors Ann Kansfield and Jennifer Aull received their first two requests to wed gay couples at their church in the borough’s Greenpoint section. They scheduled one for Labor Day weekend.

Even as supporters of gay marriage celebrated victory in New York on Saturday, preparations were being made to make gay weddings a reality in the state.

Couples who had talked about going out-of-state to wed changed their plans. Reception venues got their first calls. Churches that accept gay unions said they were looking forward to hosting ceremonies.

After a lifetime of waiting, there was a sense of urgency.

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg will launch a campaign to invite gay couple to tie the knot in the city.

Blomberg.com has the news:

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg plans to unveil a campaign to sell the most populous U.S. city as a gay-wedding destination after thousands marched to celebrate the state?s legalization of such marriages.

The ?NYC I Do? campaign ?will create millions of dollars in additional economic impact to the city?s $31 billion tourism industry,? Kimberly Spell, a spokeswoman for New York & Company, the city?s marketing office, said yesterday in an e- mail. Bloomberg will unveil more details in coming days, she said.

Governor Andrew Cuomo signed a law June 24 to grant marriage licenses to same-sex couples after the Republican- controlled state Senate approved it. Passage came about a month after a group of Democratic state senators issued a report finding New York stood to reap $391 million from areas including economic activity and tax revenue within three years.

So get your cheque book ready because you are going to be buying a lot of wedding gifts, guuurls!!!!