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Marriage Equality Bill Introduced In New York

Assemblyman Danny O?Donnell, an openly gay Democrat from Manhattan, has introduced the bill to legalize gay marriage.

Nicholas Confessore fromCity Room has the report:

With only weeks to go before the end of the legislative session in June, a senior Democratic lawmaker in the New York State Assembly introduced legislation on Tuesday to legalize same-sex marriages, signaling that Assembly lawmakers were unwilling to wait for efforts by Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo and gay rights groups to pull together enough votes to move the measure through the Republican-controlled State Senate.

The move came as a national group opposing same-sex marriage, the National Organization for Marriage, pledged to spend $500,000 on an advertising and lobbying campaign to defeat same-sex marriage legislation and $1 million to defeat state lawmakers who vote for the bill.

The lawmaker, Daniel J. O?Donnell of Manhattan, has led three successful efforts in previous years to pass same-sex marriage legislation in the Assembly, most recently in 2009. But a companion bill has never made it through the Senate. One lost by eight votes that year, though Democrats comtrolled the Senate at the time.

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