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Jason Anthony: The Morning After Marriage

Jason Anthony from Boston Review has written a very interesting essay titled ‘The Morning After Marriage’. The author asks; in the aftermath of marriage equality in New York, “Once the rosy crown of marriage is on the table, won?t there be a powerful incentive to leave our relationship experiments behind? And if marriage equality launches a widespread flight to the culturally sanctioned form of partnership, have we lost a history and a field of experience that the rest of the world might well have benefited from?”

Here’s an extract:

Some argue that marriage is simply a matter of paperwork between consenting adults. If LGBT couples want to receive the considerations in taxation, hospital visitation, etc. enjoyed by their heterosexual counterparts, they should be able to. And no supporter of same-sex marriage disagrees there. But in your experience, how many marriages, even among die-hard secularists, are nothing more than a signature in city hall during a lunch break?

Marriages are high moments of meaning, where we come together to measure ourselves against the best of our love and loyalty. They happen in places that we set apart. In them, we define how we think, relate, and value as a society.

And perhaps by making our rallying call a traditional, one-size-fits all model for love, we have failed to bring back the moral lessons from our exile that the world was meant to learn.

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