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Gay couples tie knot in New Zealand


New Zealand becomes the latest country to legalise same-sex marriage. Australian Paul McCarthy and Trent Kandler became the first couple to wed under new gay marriage laws in NZ, they were among the 30 same-sex couples to say “I do” on Monday.

The Herald Sun reports:

Paul McCarthy and Trent Kandler from Newcastle NSW dressed in matching suits to legally wed.

They are the first Australian same sex couple to marry in New Zealand.

“It was a feeling that I hadn’t realised I had not had. I was equal. Complete.” Mr McCarthy said.

“The relationship we have together is recognised.”

Joined by a small group of friends and family, the ceremony was a traditional one with Paul walking down the aisle and both men given away by their parents.

The Netherlands was the first country, in 2001, to legalize same-sex marriage and it was later joined by Belgium, Spain, Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Portugal, Denmark and France. Argentina, Uruguay, Canada and South Africa. Same-sex marriage is also legal in some parts of Brazil, Mexico and the United States.