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Gay Couples Can Wed At Niagara Falls With New Law

From now on gay couples will be able to get marry at Niagara Falls. On July 25 when the New York gay marriage law takes effect a group of gay couples will held a wedding at the famous honeymoon destination.

The Associated Press reports:

Same-sex couples can wed next to Niagara Falls right after New York’s gay marriage law takes effect.

Tourism officials announced Friday that a group wedding, complete with cake and champagne, will be held at Niagara Falls State Park on Monday, July 25, the day after New York officially legalizes gay marriage.

The city clerk’s office will be open the day before for couples to get their license. Couples who get licenses that Sunday can marry in the free event by the falls Monday, after the state-mandated 24-hour waiting period.

The traditional honeymoon destination is among several cities across the state making special accommodations to usher in gay weddings. New York City is opening its clerks’ offices Sunday July 24, as is North Hempstead on Long Island, Binghamton and some others.