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Celebrities Took Twitter To Cheer The First Gay Weddings In New York

In the first day that same-sex marriages are legal in New York many celebrities took their twitter accounts to support and congratulate the newlywed gay couples.

Here are some of the best tweets:

Ricky Martin@ricky_martin Ricky Martin I?NY http://bit.ly/n72Gbt #LOVE IS STRONG! Happy Sunday everyone
Bette MidlerBetteMidler Bette Midler To all Sunday’s couples: your walk down the aisle has been a long one…congratulations on finally making it to
the altar!
Bette Midler@BetteMidler Bette Midler If you’re buying wedding gifts for gay couples, remember — the men are registered with Williams Sonoma, the women with Black and Decker.
Bette Midler@BetteMidler Bette Midler Congrats to everyone getting hitched Sunday. My favorite wedding songs are GOING TO THE CHAPEL, WIND BENEATH MY WINGS and THE ROSE.
Kathy Griffin@kathygriffin Kathy Griffin Congrats to all the newlyweds in NY! Bottoms up! 😉 The first day of marriage #equality. Next, FEDERAL
Andy Cohen@BravoAndy Andy Cohen I love NY…. Every day, but especially today! #MarriageEquality
Ari Gold@Sirarigold Ari Gold Without doubt I’ve never felt more part of history #marriageequality #bashert
Justin Utley@JustinUtley Justin Utley NYC ad. Love it. Happy NY Marriage Equality day. 🙂 #lgbt #meny
I Do The Movie . com@david_w_ross I Do The Movie . com I’m loving that #gaymarriage is legal on a State level in NY. and seeing the couples in their golden years getting hitched is amaZing! #ssm
Alec Mapa@AlecMapa Alec Mapa Congrats to all my NY LGBT bros and sissies getting married TODAY! Love is love is love.
Wilson Cruz @wcruz73 Wilson Cruz Congratulations to all of NY’s newlyweds today! May u be blessed with many years of joy and love! Blessings…
Sandra Bernhard @SandraBernhard Sandra Bernhard even the straight couples in the ny times weddings sections look gay today! mazel tov to all the wonderful people who can now marry. yes!
Tom Goss @tomgossmusic Tom Goss NY gets it. Who is next? How are we still even talking about this not being legal nationwide?… http://fb.me/x0PC9btz
BD WONG@BD_WONG BD WONG Opened this pic (@ChrisCQuinn w/Phillys & Connie, 1st for a marriage license in NY) in a bar at LAX & BUSTED
Nick Adams @TheNickAdams Nick Adams Congratulations to all the couples getting married in NY today! Love is all we need!
R?ICH?N?@ReichenLehmkuhl R?ICH?N? Congratulations to all those getting married today in New York!! Here, everyone is actually considered equal. 🙂
Nia Vardalos@NiaVardalos Nia Vardalos Congrats to New(York)leyweds! Hope u registered at the Equal Rights R Us store.