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1.400 Gay Couples Have Tied The Knot In New York

During the last month since New York state’s gay marriage law took effect, 1.400 couples have tied the knot. this means that one quarter of all the marriages have been for gay couples.

The New York Times has the report:

Since same-sex marriage went into effect July 24, roughly 1,400 gay couples have tied the knot citywide, according to data obtained by The Post.

The city doesn’t know for certain how many of the 5,587 total marriage licenses issued through Aug. 12 were for same-sex couples, as officials removed the gender requirement from the application.

However, since applications have hovered around 4,200 licenses for the same period the prior three years, it’s reasonable to presume that this year’s 33 percent spike is almost entirely due to gay marriage, City Clerk Michael McSweeney said.

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