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Neil Patrick Harris Opens About His Relationship With David Burtka

Neil Patrick Harris opens about his relationship with his long-time partner David Burtka in the new issue of Details Magazine. In the Q&A session the 38-yea-old actor discusses his participation in A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Chrismas and The Muppets. He also talks about his love of magic and becoming a Blaxploitation star. Here are some excerpts:

On getting married:

It’s complicated. David proposed to me five and a half years ago in New York on the same street corner where we met. The following year on Valentine’s Day in Santa Monica, one of my gifts was a ring and I proposed to him. Then, when the marriage-equality stuff was on the tipping point in New York, where we have residency because we have an apartment there, it seemed my responsibility to at least tweet about it?to say, “Please vote for marriage equality in New York, it would be nice to get married someday.” It passed, and then someone tweeted David asking if we were going to get married, to which David replied, “Yes, I proposed to Neil and he proposed to me.” Which I think sounded immediate and wasn’t. It’s exactly what we didn’t want to do, because we contemplated getting married in California, before the Prop 8 debacle, and I opted not to immediately because I didn’t want it to be a media event. I didn’t want to go marching down the street with camera crews. Oy. To get married? Really? It seems like you have an agenda when you do it that way. I wouldn’t want to get married to be an example. I’m hoping we’ll be able to get married in California soon, but there are no plans afoot.

On Coming out:

Being able to live my life transparently does empower me to feel like I can be myself more. It’s easier for me to flirt with girls now that girls know that I’m gay. It almost makes it a sexier encounter than if I was trying to pretend that I was straight.

On the fact that being an openly gay actor makes him difficult to get roles

I can’t answer that. I play a pretty hard-core poon-hound on TV. But there may be producers who are averse to me because I come with baggage. They’re allowed. There are a lot of movies out there.

On hosting shows:

As much as you prepare for it, you can’t accurately determine the temperature of the audience. That’s the skill that’s learned, reading an audience. Or if something crazy happens, how do you respond to it, you know? A dude just got cracked in the head by a piece of scenery?do you act like it didn’t happen and roll on with the TelePrompTer, or do you make a joke at his expense? You have to answer all these questions immediately and you only have one shot. That’s intense.

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