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Culinary speaking gays are very fond of fish because it?s a great source of protein that helps them trim a few pounds.

Among all the large variety of fishes available, gays often choose a type that relates to their characteristics, they want a fish with an electric personality; sassy, salty, bitter, expensive and pink. This makes of course, salmon the number one option selected by gays in the menu.

Salmon is a nutritional, heart-healthy light meal with omega-3 fatty acids, but these healthy attributes do not concern gays at all.
They only like to know that while they?re eating, they?re not getting fat. Salmon also has a very powerful and delicious flavour which gays don?t seem to perceive because they are programmed to not enjoy any flavour in their food, that will lead to actually liking the food which is a very dangerous behaviour.

To enjoy the food could probably start a path to eating more food; gays will not jeopardise their physiques by letting themselves get caught in an overweight debacle. The principals of the gay diet are very clear; gays only eat for diet and vanity, not for pleasure.

Gays eats salmon at least 5 times at week, although it?s been considered a dangerous amount of it. Instead they prefer the inconvenience of spending their lives in fear of mercury poison than the horrible sensation of gaining weight. This main course dish is often served with organic vegetables and plain Evian water.

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