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Boy Scout Camp Leader Derek Nance Comes Out in YouTube Video

After a decade on Boy Scout camp staff, it is finally time for me to come out against the Boy Scouts of America’s discriminatory policies. I know the time will come when LGBT Scouts can openly serve on summer camp staff and participate in the Scouting program, but for now the most important thing we can do is talk about the issue.

The story of a fired camp staff member (whose resume is exactly the same as mine) that prompted me to start thinking about making this video:

Boy Scout’s clarification of their position on homosexuality after a “confidential review”:

Ross, a friend of mine, posted a moving video about being a gay Eagle Scout 2 years ago

The Inclusive Scouting Network:

Scouts for Equality (started by the amazing Zach Wahls):

The ACLU legal case mentioned in the video that involved the Council I worked for, which was settled only weeks ago in the Scout’s favor: