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Uganda Backtracks ?Kill The Gays? Bill

David Badash from The Civil rights Movement reports:

Uganda?s ?Kill the Gays? bill, internationally-denounced legislation that would have prescribed all Ugandan gays to be put in jail for life, would have required reporting to the government anyone suspected of being homosexual within 24 hours, and possibly would have demanded the death penalty for the ?crime? of homosexuality, appears to be dead.

A government subcommittee reportedly told reporters that the law duplicated other laws in Uganda, one of 83 countries where homosexuality is already illegal. David Bahati, an MP in Uganda?s Parliament and the chief proponent of the ?Kill the Gays? bill, said of the two year-old bill?s apparent demise, ?I think that the government is aware that 95 percent of Ugandans do not condone homosexuality,?

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