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The Wait Is Over for Gay Men – Sociologists & Gay Matchmakers Launch a Gay Matchmaking Club That Revolutionizes How Gay Men Meet and Fall in Love

club angelo

New social and matchmaking club incorporates gay sociology and psychology to create the ultimate experience for real friendships and committed gay relationships.

MIAMI,?Feb. 6, 2014?/PRNewswire/ — “If you want more gay friends or a committed gay relationship, come to Club Angelo,” saysPaul Angelo,?gay matchmaker?and the founder of a brand new gay social and?gay matchmaking?platform called Club Angelo.

According to Angelo, the new social platform guarantees more friends and more committed gay relationships. Angelo explains that a membership-based community is the only way to ensure authentic and safe social interactions in today’s fast-paced world, especially in metropolitan areas like?New York City,?Chicago?and?Miami.

Angelo points out three reasons why making friends and creating committed gay relationships is more difficult today than ever and why it will continue to be more challenging.

“First, today’s world is more complex, more challenging, more demanding and it’s changing rapidly. Everyone is under more pressure and more stress.?On a good day, dating and relationships can be challenging, but when you add career pressures, potential health issues and uncertainty – you can quickly see that love cannot grow.?Instead impulsive reactions and mistakes lead to more anxiety and stress,” says Angelo.

The second reason why dating and relationships are frustrating today is “impulsive socializing.” According to Angelo, everyone knows they need friends, love and sex. But because of stress, limited time and lack of social competence, most experiences lead to a cycle of toxic friendships and relationships that induce fear and a state of social helplessness. “Just a handful of rejections and a date with a toxic, uncaring, dishonest person can render anyone numb and hopeless,” says Angelo.

The third reason is lack of facilitation and protection.?Without a “safe haven” for social interaction fear dominates, no one feels safe, people put up walls and fire off ego-defenses because one mistake can lead to another toxic relationship, emotional anxiety and another disappointment.

“To solve all of these issues instantly we developed a brilliant social and matchmaking platform called Club Angelo. To learn about the new platform, you are invited to see the videos on the website at?www.ClubAngelo.com?and see for yourself the beauty of the new framework,” says Angelo.

“Just imagine a weekend where you have breakfast with 3 new friends at your favorite pancake place, you laugh and have fun, then you connect with your new best friend for an afternoon workout and then go back to your lover for an evening dinner at home.?Imagine a world where you only meet people who inspire you and who connect with you on an authentic level. Where you don’t need to pretend, fake a smile or to look any certain way to impress someone and where interaction is facilitated, problems are addressed and your life becomes easier, you feel more alive and you know deep down that you are safe. This is what you get with Club Angelo,” says Angelo.