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Republican Lawmakers Seek Delay In Lifting Military Gay Ban

House Republicans are making one last attempt to delay the lifting of ?Don?t Ask, Don?t Tell?.

AFP reports:

Republican lawmakers in the House of Representatives are calling for a delay in lifting the ban on gays serving openly in the US military, saying new rules have not yet been made available.

A letter to Defense Secretary Leon Panetta from House Armed Services Committee chair Buck McKeon and Joe Wilson, who chairs a subcommittee, said President Barack Obama’s administration has failed to provide details about the new regulations that repeal the former “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy.

“Committee officials have requested, but not received, copies of the revised regulations and a summary of all the specific policy changes, especially with regard to benefits, that will take effect upon repeal,” the letter said.

This “leads us to conclude that decisions on the policies and regulations to implement repeal are not complete and that your certification and those of the others were inaccurate,” the two lawmakers said in the letter dated September 12, eight days before the new policy takes effect

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