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Not One Gay Male Couple Has Tried To Adopt A Child In Mexico

One year after the Mexico’s Supreme court approved the adoption of children by gays, only a couple of lesbians have applied for the process. No gay male couples had petitioned to adopt any children.

The Advocate has the report:

A lesbian couple has been authorized by the Mexican government to adopt, and so far they are the only ones to request permission. Jaime Lopez Vela, a leader of the group Lesbian, Bisexual, Gay, Transsexual and Transgender Agenda, told the Associated Press last year that the first case would be of girl being adopted by the lesbian partner of the child’s biological mother.

Polling in the country show a potentially inhospitable atmosphere for the parents with widespread disapproval of gay adoption, according to Latin America News Dispatches. Mexico City is the only place in the country where adoption is allowed, and Mexico’s Supreme Court ruled in 2010 that adoptions there must be respected elsewhere. And the slow process to adopt is, as it is almost everywhere, strewn with red tape.

The number of married couples in Mexico who might qualify to adopt isn’t huge, but it’s slowly growing. In August, Mexico reached its milestone 1,000th same-sex wedding.

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