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Michigan House Approves Penalty For Gay-Friendly Colleges

The Michigan House has approved a bill penalizing state universities that offer domestic benefits to gay members of their faculties.

Michigan Messenger reports:

The Michigan House approved an amendment to the education budget on Thursday night that will penalize state universities and colleges five percent for offering domestic partner benefits for same-sex or unmarried partners.

Shortly after 8 p.m. Thursday night, State Rep. Dave Agema (R-Greenville) posted the following status update to his Facebook page announcing the amendment:

I had an amendment put into the education budget that takes 5% away from colleges that give same sex/unmarried benefits and places up to $60 million of that into the MPSRS K-12 budget if colleges do not stop skirting the law and the will of the people. Colleges can?t say they are short of money when they skirt the law and give such benefits. The Dems didn?t like this ? it passed.

The approved budget cuts millions of dollars in state funds from the state?s K-12 system while shifting some of the funding from the school aid fund into community college funding. State universities and community college were cut 15 percent in the Senate version of the funding, but in the House funding proposal, those entities are cut by 22 percent unless they hold tuition increases to no higher than 7.1 percent.

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