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March In Lodon To Protect LGBT Rights From Religious Attack

The Secular Europe Campaign will hold a protest March & Rally in central London, to demonstrate against the Vatican and the undue interference of the Churches in democratic Institutions.

UK gay News has the report:

As evangelical Christians seek to use the European Court of Human Rights as a means of undermining gay rights, a new campaign has been launched that aims for a secular Europe where religion and politics would be separate ? and a march/rally has been planned for September 17 in London.

?Gay people should join the Secular Europe Campaign?s march this month as a means of protecting their hard won rights,? said Marco Tranchino, who is organising the campaign.

The Campaign for a Secular Europe will be building on the success of last year?s protests against the Pope?s visit by staging another march and rally in London on Saturday 17 September.

The march will be a protest at the growing influence of religious lobbies on the political institutions of Europe. Much of this influence revolves around undermining the rights not only of gay people but of everyone who does not base their lives on ?traditional? religious principles ? including unmarried cohabiting couples, divorcees, single mothers and those of other religions.

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