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EQCA Will Not Lead An Effort To Return To The Ballot In 2012 To Repeal Prop 8

Equality California (EQCA) has announced that it will not back an effort to repeal Proposition 8.

Here’s EQCA Statement:

In 2009, we anticipated that 2012 would provide our best opportunity in the near term to overturn Prop 8 at the ballot, but after engaging in this comprehensive decision making process, we have opted not to lead a campaign to repeal Prop 8 in 2012.

As we considered whether to go back to the ballot, we examined a number of factors, including input from supporters and movement leaders, the current political climate, other potential ballot measures that could impact a marriage campaign, if a campaign in California can secure the kind of funding we need to win, the capacity of the movement to execute a campaign, current public support for marriage in California, the risks and impact of a potential ballot measure loss, the Perry v. Brown legal challenge to Prop 8 and many more factors.

Since 2009, public opinion in the state of California has changed, but not as much as we had hoped?support continues to hover near 50 percent. But the political landscape has changed dramatically. The struggling economy and complicated 2012 political climate have created an environment that is considerably less favorable to a campaign to overturn Prop 8 and significantly increases the risk of loss.

And in that tough political and economic climate, access to significant funding is even more critical; the cost of a campaign could exceed $40 million. But major funders who have provided those resources to California in the past are prioritizing funding in states like Oregon and Maine, where there is less risk and a much lower price tag. If California were return to the ballot we would be on our own, making it difficult to run a campaign with the resources to win.
Losing again on marriage in California would deal another emotionally devastating blow to LGBT people and the strength of our movement?in California and nationally. A loss could create a chilling effect on efforts to overturn DOMA and pass other pro-equality legislation. It could also embolden our opposition to try to roll back other hard-fought rights and protections across the state and the country.

Read the full statement via EQCA