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A guide to help gay men become dads

FIND YOUR PATH A Guide to Help Gay Men Become Parents


By Editorial Staff of Gays with Kids

In FIND YOUR PATH, A GUIDE TO HELP GAY MEN BECOME DADS, the new informative guide featuring up-to-date research, expert advice, and stories of gay men navigating fatherhood, the editors of the popular online portal for gay dads, Gays With Kids, outline the varying paths to fatherhood for gay men.

These days there are many options available to gay men considering fatherhood. A man (and his partner, if he has one) can decide between biological offspring, sperm donation, co-parenting, fostering, adoption or any number of other ways. Perhaps he?s getting serious with a single gay man with kids. Maybe he?s a trans dad interested in carrying his own children. Even HIV-positive men can conceive children today through ?sperm washing?, a scientific breakthrough that prevents the transference of HIV to the surrogate or child.

However, each route comes with its own unique set of questions, potential complications, and legal and financial rode blocks.? Men must consider what local laws say about each path towards gay parenthood. Also, what are the costs associated? What resources are available? ?How will he find supportive healthcare providers?

These were just a few of the questions the editors of Gays With Kids had in mind when creating FIND YOUR PATH, A GUIDE TO HELP GAY MEN BECOME DADS. ??The e-book includes advice from researchers and lawyers on how best to navigate local laws and regulations, tips from family planning experts, and first-hand perspectives from gay dads, each of whom has come to fatherhood in their own unique way.

FIND YOUR PATH, A GUIDE TO HELP GAY MEN BECOME DADS by the Staff of Gays with Kids is available now to download free at https://gayswithkids.com/path.



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