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4.000 Rally At Hands Across Hawthorne Bridge

More than 4,000 people rally Sunday night to hold hands on the Hawthorne Bridge in an act of solidarity with two gay men who were attacked for “holding hands” in Portland.

Katu.com reports:

It was an amazing turnout for an event that was publicized just 72 hours ago with a single Facebook page.

About 2,000 people said they would show up for Hands Across Hawthorne, a rally to show solidarity for a gay couple who was attacked as they walked hand-in-hand across the Hawthorne Bridge recently. But it looked about twice as many people showed up for the rally than originally anticipated.

People were standing up against discrimination. Brad Forkner, one of the men attacked, said he knew the rally wasn’t just about the violence against him or his boyfriend Christopher Rosevear.

“Tonight’s event and your presence here is about everyone it has happened to, and everyone it will happen to in the future,” he said.

The massive group made its way, hand-in-hand, onto the Hawthorne Bridge. They filled it on both sides, crossing the Willamette River, promoting love and decrying hate.

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