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Gay-Friendly Air New Zealand’s New Jet

Gay Travel news has repoerted that the highly anticipated new jet for gay-friendly Air New Zealand’s has arrived:

If there’s anyone who received the best Christmas gift this year, it’s Air New Zealand. Just days before the weekend, they picked up their brand-new Boeing 777-300ER at Boeing headquarters in Seattle. The new jet has been the buzz in the airline industry, destined to revolutionize air travel with innovative, never-seen-before features like SkyCouch.

I was one of the lucky few to tour the new aircraft. There are 338 seats in four classes: Business Premier, Premium Economy, SkyCouch and Economy. All classes have huge, 10.6″ personal touch-screen monitors (yes, even in Economy!) that allows you to order food, watch a vast collection of entertainment and even see a timetable of what will take place during the flight. Business Premier amenity kits have funky striped socks and 8 different designed eye masks.

The bathrooms are quite a trip. They have wallpaper of chandeliers or bookcases, there are windows and the sink is sensor active.

SkyCouch is pretty amazing, and a first in airline history. It’s three seats in economy that work as a trio, which you can manipulate to for a lie-flat, flexible space. This is great if you’re with a partner or children.