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Rio De Janeiro Wants To Be World’s Favorite Gay Destination

The city of Rio De Janeiro in Brazil want to be the The world’s favorite gay destination.

The Guardian UK reports:

In February the mayor announced the creation of a special diversity secretariat headed by Carlos Tufvesson, a gay, multilingual fashion designer.

Rio, says Tufvesson, is not only “the sexiest destination on Earth” but also a place where tolerance is natural. Just as the city staged important protests against the military dictatorship during the 1960s, Rio is again blazing a trail for civil rights, he believes.

The initiatives are also a potential moneyspinner. Last year, 25% of Rio’s tourists, or around 880,000 people, were gay. The city’s tourist board hopes to drive that number even higher and has published glossy, rainbow-coloured brochures packed with pictures of muscle-bound men and slogans urging tourists to “live the Rio sensation”.

“Personally I think that anyone who wants to make money could open any kind of gay establishment in Rio because it is a dead cert return,” says Tufvesson. “There is a big demand for this market still. Rio is now part of the gay calendar.”

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