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Is West Hollywood losing its Gay Appeal?

Chuck Conder from CNN reports:

From the time it was first incorporated by a group of gay activists, West Hollywood has styled itself as America’s gayest city. Throughout the ’80s and ’90s it was a magnet for young gay men and lesbians looking for a place where they could fit in and be accepted. It was a place of bohemian lifestyles and bold experimentation. It’s a town where the American flag and the gay pride rainbow flag fly side by side.

“We founded this city on an ideal that people could come here to remake their lives,” says city council candidate John D’Amico. But it is a principal that D’Amico and others believe is slipping away.

Gentrification has become a major issue in Tuesday’s city elections. Challengers to three incumbent council members up for re-election say city policies have boosted development, but high rents are squeezing out the young and the innovative.

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