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Gay Nightclub “Prohibition” Opens In Atlantic City Casino

“Prohibition” a a new gay bar has opened its doors in Atlantic City Casino.

The New York Times reports:

At the Resorts Casino Hotel, the somewhat faded Boardwalk grande dame that became this city?s first casino in 1978 after New Jersey legalized the business, you can find slots and blackjack, concert posters featuring performers like Paul Anka and Wayne Newton, the de rigueur all-you-can-eat buffet and the other familiar diversions of Casinoland.

But there is also a rainbow flag flying above the entryway. There is Prohibition, a new nightclub that is believed to be the first full-time gay bar at any big American casino. Across the hall is a female impersonators? show. On the hotel?s Web site, a menu tab reads ?LGBT.?

Casinos have always promised a walk on the wild side, and Atlantic City?s raffish history includes rich, largely forgotten, gay chapters. So the most surprising thing about Resorts? new turn may be that it didn?t happen sooner.

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