On Saturday, August 24th, Destination embarks on a mission to recapture the greatness of the New York City dance floor. ?I respect and love all of the Ibiza parties that have been circling the globe with their events but we are now taking back control of the American dance floor,? declares Destination founder Tony Moran. ?We want everyone to once again recognize New York City as the party capital of the world!? The high- speed journey begins at 11pm at NYC?s XL Nightclub (512 W 42nd St) and continues into the wee morning hours. Tony Moran will steer the decks, along with Brazilian dj Gustavo Scorpio in the early hours with nightlife icon Flava hosting and special live performances by international superstars Kristine W and Vernessa Mitchell. A particular highlight of the evening will be the integration of music videos displayed on a video wall customized by Tony and gigantic DNA installation by Michael Longo of Sound Factory fame over the dance floor, seamlessly synched to Tony?s original club mixes. Tickets are available now at www.xlnightclub.com.

?Destination will be about movement, motion, evolution, sex and sensuality,? explains Moran, a two-time Grammy nominated remixer/ producer/singer-songwriter and DJ known for remixing popular songs by Rihanna, Mariah Carey, Madonna and countless others. ?I will use the DJ booth as my laboratory to build new songs and remixes live.?

Destination will offer fans an elaborate NYC experience with unique party elements that have never been seen anywhere else in the world. The most notable will be the introduction of Pioneer Pro DJ technology on the dancefloor, synching Tony?s original club mixes to video. ?The idea is for the visuals to be more than just dancers, performers and lights,? explains Moran. ?These videos will bring the club classics and future classics to life.?

This is the reason why Destination is taking place at XL Nightclub. The venue offered Moran the freedom to bring in extra massive sound, including $50,000 enhanced sound system exclusively for the night, turbo charged with state-of-the-art subwoofers, ultra crisp tweeters, and individually controlled speakers for Tony to create a true 3D sound experience. Brand new visual enhancements will fill the club to make the magic happen. ?It’s not about the DJ in the booth anymore?, he continues. ?It’s about putting the spotlight on the dance floor and whisking clubbers on a fantastical excursion of the senses.?

The evening will include special performances by club superstars Kristine W and Vernessa Mitchell plus the brilliant, circuit-favorite Flava performing Tony?s Destination XL Anthem.

Kristine and Tony have collaborated together on several tracks, most recently hitting #1 on the US Billboard club charts with ?Walk Away?. Miss W has been a staple of the New York City nightlife scene for over fifteen years. Her first single, “Feel What You Want” debuted in New York City clubs. ?Kristine W’s stronger than ever, and it just made total sense to showcase her newest and greatest at Destination,? says Moran.

It gives him the opportunity to debut his recently completed remix of Kristine W?s next single, ?So Close To Me? with full length extended video on the Video Wall. ?It’s progressive Kristine W,? he continues. ?My remix reshapes her song for the progressive worldwide movement without abandoning my circuit roots I am especially proud of it.?

Moran will also debut his brand new Vernessa Mitchell song. Vernessa Mitchell is a gospel recording artist whose vocal versatility has been heralded by R&B and House audiences. Her uplifting house songs have charted seven times on the Billboard Dance charts. Hits include ?This Joy?, ?Took My Life? (Billboard Club Play Song of the Year in 2004), and ?Accept Me?, besides her timeless NYC anthem ?Reap (What You Sow). Moran is especially excited about the new mix as this marks his first collaboration with the Grammy-nominated vocalist.

?I’ve always admired Vernessa,? he says. ?I love the message of her songs and of course, that voice! I had been reaching out to her for months trying to work with her. Miraculously, things fell into place and it all came together. I’m so proud of my first song with her.?
Tony Moran aims to launch Destination to other major cities. ?We want to ?Take It All The Way??, he says, slyly referencing another new anthem he wrote that he will debut at Destination. ?We?re building on those great Ibiza parties, but going beyond the circuit sound and creating unique dance events with more of a New York City thang.”

In the days prior to the event, Moran is releasing Tony Moran+Deborah Cooper+Deep Influence, ?Planet XL (That?s How We Do)? on Wednesday, August 21; Tony Moran presents Vernessa Mitchell, ?Rise!? on Thursday, August 22; and Tony Moran?s futuristic progressive take on Tony Moran & Ultra Nat?, ?Destination? on Friday, August 23.

NYC nightlife fixtures at all the cool events, Dougie Meyer, Dina Delicious, Roze Black and Mark Nelson, are hosting the event, and Moran has invited the singers, producers, djs and entertainment industry giants to the party.

The event is produced by XL in association with Sugar House and Continuous Cool.

For more information on DESTINATION visit www.xlnightclub.com.

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