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New Comedy Series ‘Half Share’

‘Half Share’ A new comedy series where the cocktail is always Half–Full!!

Press release:

Check your inhibitions on the mainland and hop aboard the fairy ferry to the Island of Misfit Boys! Half-Share is a 30-minute comedy pilot featuring outrageous writing, a revolving set of entertaining guest stars, and hilarious housemates portrayed by a cast of all-star gay comedians. Imagine The Golden Girls summering on Fantasy Island if it were run by Patsy & Edina?

Fire Island is like Summer Camp…with better abs! And the Half-Share pilot provides a provocative peek into the lives of six gay men sharing a beach house. It may sound like high drama, but it?s pure hi-larity! Anything can happen on Fire Island. And often does!

The Half-Share pilot was shot on location in Fire Island Pines with a cast of series regulars including:

  • Alec Mapa (Ugly Betty, Desperate Housewives, Connie and Carla)
  • Jack Plotnick (Meet the Fockers, Drawn Together, Girls Will Be Girls)
  • Sam Pancake (Curb Your Enthusiasm, Will and Grace, Fat Actress)
  • Jesse Archer (Violet Tendencies, A Four Letter Word)
  • Kevyn Morrow (Hope and Faith, Coach, Dreamgirls)
  • Joey Dudding (Big Gay Musical, A Chorus Line, La Cage aux Folles)
  • And introducing Kyle Spidle as Mac!

Pilot Synopsis

Half-Share? Quarter-Share? Men who impersonate Cher? The men on Fire Island speak a different lingo and for a newcomer like Mac, it’s way more than a mouthful! Practically hetero and fresh out of a 14-year relationship, Mac (Kyle Spidle) packs his Birkenstocks and emotional baggage for a summer share.

What Mac envisions as relaxing beach-time turns into high camp hysteria after his eccentric housemates take a fish out of water and fling him into the gay shark-pond!

Mac?s old friend Ito, the neurotic House Mother (Alec Mapa), collects ?antiques? while frantically trying to keep this unconventional family together. Ito?s efforts are thwarted by the antics of an aging chorus boy (Jesse Archer) on a personal quest to never grow up. The Michaels (Jack Plotnick & Sam Pancake), a couple who give new meaning to co-dependency, are celebrating their ten year anniversary by seeking a third. And Republican lawyer by week, drag diva by weekend, Harold (Kevyn Morrow) offers sage but insensitive advice that Mac struggles to accept.

After a downward spiral with high tea hijinx, a hot tub surprise and a tense showdown with his new housemates, Mac has to choose: Survive?or vote himself off the island?

Visit HALF SHARE WEBSITE for more info.

Watch the trailer.