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Matthew Montgomery: A Remarkable Career As A Gay Leading Man

You probably know him, or recognize him from his starring roles in movies like Gone, But Not Forgotten, Long-Term Relationship, or Back Soon. You might also remember his hot scenes in the film Role/Play. Some only know him most as a leading man actor, some others as a producer and writer.

His exceptional talent and emotional range makes one of the most respected, awarded and sought-after actors in the movie industry. He has left an indelible mark in gay cinema.

In anticipation of Queer Me Up exclusive interview with American actor, producer and writer Matthew Montgomery, we would like you to know more about his life and achievements.

Here’s Matthew Montgomery Bio

With an artist for a father and role model, Matthew was immersed in the art world at a very young age, his surroundings consisting of his father?s gallery as well as his father?s peers including many actors, filmmakers, artists, and writers. He went on to study theater at the University of Southern California under the guidance of Eve Roberts where he was nicknamed ?The Wonder Freshman,? as he was able to gain leading or supporting roles in nearly every theatre production that went on throughout the course of his studies there.

From there he went on to study at Point Park Conservatory in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where during his stay obtained a role as Johnny Eck in the zombie short Reign of the Dead, which followed the George Romero zombie saga. With Hollywood being the center of the film industry, Matthew set off to California.

Beginning with his first feature film role as Mark Reeves in the Festival Favorite Gone, But Not Forgotten, which played in over thirty film festivals around the world and was ?Top Ten Best Seller? for TLA Video for 2003 and 2004, Matthew began his career in Independent Film Cinema with a bang. He went on to star as Marx in Daniel Lee?s Journeyman, a resolute Iraq war veteran who drifts in and out of the main character Anna?s life by way of rescue. Journeyman went on to receive Third Place Feature Film in the Twin Rivers Multimedia Film Festival in Asheville, North Carolina.

Following Journeyman Matthew went from actor to producer when he teamed up with Guest House Films to co-produce and star as Glen Phillips in Rob Williams? gay romantic comedy Long-Term Relationship, the quirky but rocky tale of Glenn?s love for a conservative gay Republican southern boy. Real life trials of a relationship are put to test in this multiple award-winning independent film, awards including ?Second Place Best Actor? and ?Best Feature? at multiple film festivals. Acquired by here! Films and Regent Releasing, Long-Term Relationship was released worldwide in November of 2007.

Directly after, Matthew again co-produced and starred in Rob Williams? second feature for Guest House Films, Back Soon, as Guillermo ?Gil? Ramirez, a former drug dealer faced with his mortality through a near-death experience which leads to a bittersweet, temporary possession by the spirit of Adrienne Foster, the deceased wife of co-lead character, Logan Foster. Sparks and attraction emerge, breaching the worlds of the here and now and the great hereafter. This film won the Alternative Spirit Award at the Rhode Island International Film Festival in 2007 as well as Best Actor for Matthew Montgomery, and has since been acquired by TLA Releasing who released it to DVD in April of 2008.

In 2007 alone, Matthew starred in three feature films, produced two, and made a cameo appearance in another. In January 2008, Matthew also starred as Michael Castigan in the psychological thriller, Pornography: A Thriller, directed by David Kittredge which released to DVD in July of 2010. Also in 2008, Matthew starred in the indie drama, Redwoods, which was released to DVD in December of 2009. While starring in these films, he has continued to work alongside Guest House Films, producing indie favorites, 3-Day Weekend, and Make the Yuletide Gay (Alison Arngrim, Keith Jordan, Kelly Keaton, Derek Long, Gates McFadden, Adamo Ruggiero). Recently, Montgomery went on to star in the latest Guest House Films project alongside real-life partner, Steve Callahan, in the indie drama, Role/Play. He is now touring film festivals with two other features scheduled for a 2011/2012 release, Finding Mr. Wright, and I Want to Get Married. In addition, Matthew can be found in the international tour of Terrence McNally?s Corpus Christi.

Montgomery has allowed the development of a multi-faceted career with the emergence of his production company, Proteus Pictures. It?s doors will open with Matthew?s first feature, Sticke Figures, the story of a struggling artist from Chicago who returns home to a small town in Michigan after the death of his ex-girlfriend, only to discover that his inheritance is much more than he bargained for, and wears a dress. With his acting described as ?stellar? by TLA Releasing, it?s assured that Matthew will continue to break into new ground in the film industry. Gary Kramer of Gay City News says, ?Montgomery embraces his role, projecting the complexities of his character.? The New York Times calls Matthew ?a standout.? Montgomery has been involved in over 15 films.

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