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Listen To Colton Ford’s Version Of Robyn’s “With Every Heartbeat”

Here’s Colton Ford cover of Robyn’s hit single ‘With Every Heartbeat’ from his latest album ‘Under The Covers-Remixed’

Under The Covers is available on ITUNES

About The Album:

?Under the Covers? is the second full-length album from Ford. Sure, the title winkingly refers to Ford?s adult film past. But it?s also an apt reference to the album?s main focus: songs made famous by others. Indeed, and like numerous artists before him, Ford has recorded a collection of songs that sound, at once, wholly familiar and wonderfully fresh.

In addition to speaking to Ford in a very real and personal way, the tracks that comprise ?Under the Covers? made a significant impact when they were originally released, and will be immediately familiar to a wide listening audience?even though someone other than the original artist is singing them.

Explains Ford:

?Adding my interpretation to these songs gives a new perspective to these classic tunes, enabling me to show different sides of my vocal ability.?

Ford continues:

?When you are covering a hit track, if you can retain the integrity of the original and bring your own style to it in the process, you can reveal something to the listener about you as an artist that perhaps they haven’t heard before. This album is also a friendly reminder of just how great these songs were and still are.?

?Under the Covers?covers much musical ground and time. At 32-years-old, Fleetwood Mac?s ?Dreams? (re-imagined here as an interlude) is the oldest song in the collection. It is seamlessly situated between R.E.M.?s alternative rock hit ?Losing My Religion? and Babyface?s R&B charttopper ?It?s no Crime.? Elsewhere, Ford takes on Britney Spears? ?Trouble? (a bonus track on the pop star?s latest album, ?Circus?), which leads into an a cappella snippet of R. Kelly?s ?It Seems Like You?re Ready,? followed by the house music anthem/R&B jam, ?Follow Me.?

Each of Ford?s cover versions showcases a singer who is deftly bridging the gap between then and now. Nowhere is this more evident than on his re-workings of Robyn?s ?With Every Heartbeat,? Sade?s ?By Your Side,? Alicia Keys? ?No One? and Nirvana?s ?Lithium.? In Ford?s hands, ?With Every Heartbeat? retains its sublime electro-pop foundation, while ?By Your Side? and ?No One? take glorious side trips to Spain and Jamaica, respectively. Ford injects the Nirvana classic with ample dance-rock attitude?and even manages to pay homage to Ram Jam?s top 20 hit ?Black Betty? (released the same year as Fleetwood Mac?s ?Dreams?) along the way.

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