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Kwanza Jones Releases “Supercharged” Album Feb 26th?

(Innovation Entertainment) Feb 26, 2013

EDM diva, Kwanza Jones, announces the release of the SUPERCHARGED?LP on February 26, 2013! The album will be available on iTunes and other outlets, which will be announced soon.

The SUPERCHARGED LP will include the Billboard charting singles, ?Think Again?, ?Time To Go?, and ?SUPERCHARGED?. You can also expect to hear her upcoming single, ?Vicious?! Featuring fresh production from Grammy-nominated engineer, Luke Tozour, there?s sure to be a track on this album for everyone.

Kwanza has also mentioned recording a song with the Glamazon, herself, Pollo Del Mar. The two were snapped in?this photo from Kwanza?s Facebook page. It looks like their duet, which she said was titled ?Made U Look?, will be on the album, as well. With a title like that, it seems like it?s going to be a fun track.

The image above is the official album cover. Kwanza Jones is wearing fashion from Furne One of Amato Haute Couture. His designs have been worn by Jennifer Lopez, Katy Perry, and the gorgeous ladies of America?s Next Top Model: College Edition, among many others.

Kwanza Jones established her dance-pop credentials in 2011 with her Billboard charting song, ?Think Again?. She followed this with two more Billboard charting singles in 2012, ?Time To Go? and ?SUPERCHARGED?. These songs signaled the SUPERCHARGED sound for Jones, who is known for her never-ending energy and non-stop curves. Although new to the scene, Kwanza Jones has made key national appearances including performances at Jeffrey Sanker’s White Party: Palm Springs, the Folsom Street Fair 2012, MGM Grand Hotel, Matinee Las Vegas, the Winter Music Conference and tour dates in Miami, San Francisco, San Diego, Orlando, Atlanta, Los Angeles and New York.

The Kwanza Jones single, ?Time To Go?, was buzz-worthy. Once released, the video was immediately featured on numerous sites including Yahoo Music, alongside Nicki Minaj, and on British celebrity gossip site PopDash.com. Kwanza Jones? music videos have also been seen on MTV.com, VH1.com, MTV Latin America, BET / Centric, Huffington Post, and the Google endorsed DanceON YouTube Channel.

Born in Los Angeles on Thanksgiving Day, Kwanza exhibited a certain star quality from childhood to present ? often winning beauty and talent contests, including the Miss Baltimore pageant. Being a former track star, her competitive drive was just as strong. This might explain why Jones, who grew up in Washington, DC, finished at the top of her high school class and went on to graduate from Princeton University.

The daughter of two lawyers, Kwanza foresaw a career on the business and legal side of the entertainment industry. However, a chance meeting with Quincy Jones and a performance at the world famous Apollo Theater, altered her course. Despite the lure of the Hollywood lights, Jones chose to stay in New York City honing her songwriting skills, teaching herself guitar, attending law school and ?getting some life lessons.?

She credits her experience during a rigorous nine-day climb to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa, as teaching her about the power of perseverance. Kwanza reached the top via the Western Breach ? one of the most difficult and dangerous routes which was later closed because people died from rock-fall. She says, ?I could have taken an easier route but where?s the fun in that??

When asked to describe herself to a new fan, Kwanza says, ?I?m a gladiator in a thong.? In talking about her upcoming album, SUPERCHARGED, Kwanza proclaims, ?it?s music for superheroes and divas (or those who want to be).? This album, a fusion of dance and pop, is produced by Luke Tozour (Katy Perry, P!nk, Mika, Adam Lambert, Selena Gomez). The artwork for her most recent single is a visual representation of this theme. Some say she looks like a fierce drag queen and she takes that as acompliment. That could explain why RuPaul?s Drag Race tweeted that “‘Kwanza Jones’ is a great holiday drag name.” Kwanza laughs and prefers to say she looks ?Vicious?! That also happens to be the title of this dance-pop diva?s upcoming single.

Kwanza Jones writes adrenaline pumping anthems of strength, resilience and self-reliance that make you want to get on your feet, raise your fist in the air and sing out loud. They stem from life experiences ranging from Kwanza?s dedication to health & fitness to her brush with ?love gone wrong? when she was kicked out of her New York apartment during the winter. ?A relationship should complement, not complicate,? says Jones. Her powerful messages also resonate with the LGBTQ community. More than a singer and songwriter, Kwanza Jones is an ?Ambassador for Equality? — an outspoken supporter of equality and empowerment causes. Kwanza says, ?How can we live in a country that declares all men (and women!) are created equal, yet we have an entire class of people who don?t have equal rights solely because of their sexual preference? My goal is that my music and performances will encourage people to feel empowered and join together against inequality.?

Supporting these views is something Kwanza does not take lightly. Recently, she participated in AIDS Walk LA alongside Team Grindr, performed at OctoTea17 in Austin, Texas benefiting the AIDS Services of Austin and gave a crowd moving performance at the “Eyes Wide Open” gala event in San Francisco benefiting the Trevor Project, which prevents bullying, suicide and hate crimes. It was here where she debuted her song #StopHate. Like the gladiator in her song, SUPERCHARGED, Kwanza Jones is relentless in spreading her music and message. She unashamedly uses her blend of vicious energy, divalicious looks, daredevil spirit, and supercharged beats to keep the world listening.

Kwanza Jones currently resides in Venice, CA.

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