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Jay Roberts: The Brand!

Jay Roberts? is one of the finest men to ever have done adult films. He is not only a great performer, but also one of the most enthusiastic and brightest guys in the business. His many talents have allowed him to crossover from porn to fashion photography and other projects.

He?s a very focused and determined creative force who knows exactly what he wants and how to get it. His unstoppable willpower to maintain stardom and success will take him far.

In this Queer Me Up Exclusive interview? Jay Roberts gets up close and personal; he talks about growing up in a small town, developing his brand and how much he loves sex.

What was it like to grow up in Bratislava?

Oh boy, you want me to go that far back? I am an old man now you know! (smile). Well Slovak Republic wasn’t as open to “new” sexual experiences as it is now. Just like in most places, there is still a long way to go, but they are heading in the right direction and things have changed considerably since I was young. I wasn?t out when I was living in my hometown. It was a small town of 25k inhabitants. You must understand that Slovak Republic is a very catholic country, though the young generation has been changing this demographic for couple of years. We all know what Church does to our ‘community’ or how they portray us to their fanatics! But I do not like to get political. There wasn?t a gay scene, no gay bars or clubs, in fact I’m sure I was the ‘only gay in the village’ 😉 Then I moved to the capital city. I met my first boyfriend there. After him I went a bit wild with the rest of the gay scene. We all do, right? I was dating this guy for about 6 months. He was my first ‘love’ so I was expecting a lot from it, but I do not like ultimatums – and he didn’t like my decision to his ultimatum, so we went our separate ways and I was single again 🙂

What made you decide that you wanted to be an adult films star?

If I had a dollar for every time I was asked this question, I would be relaxing on my yacht in the sun 😉 So many people ask me that question. The answer is very simple. Everyone wants to have sex. To have hot sweaty nasty cumfilled sex with hot men. I always fancied getting fucked or rimming a hot tight ass of a muscly man from Hot House or COLT. I often pictured myself lying in the sling in a big old factory, no bright lights .. a bit of a dungeon and getting fucked over and over again and being made to suck thick cocks (it is giving me a hardon now – can you see my bulge?). So what is the best way to get there and bare in mind that I like to do it in front of camera? Well the only way to do it is to get into porn. And that?s where I started. I got a great opportunity to start with a big brand – TitanMen!

I do not consider myself as being a porn star. Porn stars are Francois Sagat, Tom Chase etc … I am only porn model, but thank you though. I feel flattered 🙂

How did you get involved with the business?

I started with TitanMen. A very good friend of mine, back in Prague kept asking me for several months to do something. He knows how much I love sex and being naked and a general exhibitionist, so eventually I gave in and shot my first scene. Since then I have filmed some more amazing scenes with some of the hottest guys in the industry, but you know that already. I have been working with the biggest studios in the porn industry. And I ain?t fucking stopping!

Is doing adult films different than you’d imagined and how?

That?s a good one. Well to be honest, my very first scene was a bit difficult. I was bottoming for 2 “gay for pay” guys. And as it happens, I couldn’t feel the passion. It just wasn’t ‘working’. I couldn’t help thinking, how unsatisfied their girlfriends must feel if they get the cock up their rear end. It was a very long day but we managed in the end. That was my very first and the only bad experience. Generally I was paired and I fucked with hot guys. Just look at my DVD collection. Hot, ripped, muscled, big dicks and hot hungry assholes. Since then it is a very much a fun ride. I am enjoying sex and I feel this is what I know best.

What is your goal in the adult film industry?

Funny thing to ask me, but it has changed since I started. I always wanted ‘stardom’, to be recognized, to be asked for an autograph or a picture and be generally popular but after a couple of years it all changed. Porn opened me many doors to photography, various exciting projects and venues and there are a lot of exciting opportunities coming up. I am building a brand. It is not about being a porn star; it is about maintaining and developing my brand. It is Jay Roberts, the brand. That?s what keeps me going. Hell, if Posh and Becks can do it, so can I, right!? There are many exciting things going to happen over the next few weeks 🙂

Do you prefer to work as a fashion model or as an adult performer?

As I said before, porn has opened doors to photography and I can tell you a little secret, also to fashion photography, which I am more and more excited about. I like the human masculine touch; I need to feel man’s body next to mine. That is the reason why I love being an adult performer. I do not like to do stills. Just give me a cock and ass and you will see what I can do best. A fashion model is different. Of course, being extrovert helps but it’s not about hardons and assholes … it is about fashion and selling the camera your sensuality, your various emotions. Selling the clothes or the venue you are representing.

Which is your favourite project you?ve worked on?

That is like asking a mother which child she loves the most. I don’t have favorite one, but I do have a few that I was excited to do. To mention just a few; when I was asked by TitanMen to fly to USA, photography for my friends at shootmeup.co.uk or fashion photographer Philip Riches for his upcoming coffee-table book, working with Dylan Rosser and amazing Tom Bianchi. And I cannot forget my good friends at SOLDOUT Clothing that I am the face of or my big and always busy venue at LoProfile. The MUST see venue on Fridays at LoProfile in London, called SOCIETY.

What?s the best thing you?ve learned or best advice you?ve received from the adult film industry?

It is the advice I will give to anyone who is reading this interview. I was asked many times to help to “push” someone into the porn biz. I have been asked how to get involved, how much money is in it etc. Gays! You must realize that it is not about money anymore. You must see it all in a bigger picture. You have to see yourself as a brand. You must have a plan in your head about what you want to achieve and how far are you willing to go. If there is no plan, you will be burn out in a year or maybe two. The gay world is full of young, hunk sexy waiting models. They are all your competitors. So choose what you want to do with it. And something to think about, a career in the adult industry means there is no way you can simply disappear and become president of USA after sucking guy’s cock on camera. That video will be here forever and there are no limits where you can see it. So think about that first when you decide to get into porn 🙂

You also do live performances at clubs. What?s been your favourite club or performance so far?

I have done a couple of them; my last one was in Rome, Italy. It was amazing. The crowd. The production. Everything. I loved it. But I have my Friday night at LoProfile, the gay’s place to be after work till early in the morning. You can see me at SOCIETY and I will be very happy to chat with you and shake our booties on the dancefloor.

You take great care of your body. Do you have any tips or tricks that work for you?

I was very skinny about 5 years ago. And recently I read an article about a book called “Gay Men Don’t Get Fat “. If you want to play with wolves, you have to become one of them. If I wanted to get fucked by muscle guy or to get sucked by hot ripped men, I had to become one. So there we go, the magic is 70% food/diet and 30% exercise and lifestyle. I am grateful to the people who showed me how to get the body that I have. Now I just can?t put the dumbbells down. I train 5x a week and I am lucky to have a very good friend who is a Personal Trainer and I can tell you, he takes no prisoners – man he is one tough cookie! lol. I have also had to add some cardio as well after getting spoiled by my mum who was visiting me in London recently 🙂

What are your thoughts about gay marriage? Do you think you will get married someday?

This is a very social and political question to ask. I believe that if two people love each other they should be allowed to get married. Religious groups have NO right to tell us that we are so wrong. That two loving same sex people is bad and against religion. I dispise people judging us according to our sexual orientation. There are many gay couples raising beautiful and smart children. Giving them love they never had. And to answer the second part of your question. Yes, someday, I would like someone to ‘put a ring on it? (not talking about cockring though) 🙂

You have a very popular site (www.jayrobertsxxx.com) with posts, photos and videos documenting your life. Are you planning to start producing your own adult films?

(smile) Let?s just say that we have been working on a very exciting project.

What is next for Jay Roberts?

There is lots to come, but I am not going to tell you. I am not going to spoil the moment by telling you now. Just wait and keep watching 🙂

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